Workshops & Tutorials

All workshops and tutorials will be held on September 12, 2022, in the Graduate Centre of the Mile End Campus of the Queen Mary University of London, UK. 





1) Dynamic Field Theory: Conceptual Foundations and Applications in Developmental Science
John P. Spencer, Larissa Samuelson, Iliyana Trifonova

Room GC204, Graduate Center, second floor (09:00-18:00)


2) FEEL-COG: The Role of Affect in the Development of Cognition (2nd Edition)
Ana Tanevska, Lola Canamero

Room GC601, Graduate Center, sixth floor (14:00-18:00)


3) Understanding Scaffolding Mechanisms Better to Advance Research on (Explainable) AI
Katharina Rohlfing, Anna-Lisa Vollmer, Angela Grimminger, Britta Wrede

Peston Lecture Theatre, Graduate Center, ground floor (09:00-18:00)


4) Neurodiversity of Cognitive Feelings
Sean Lynch, Keisuke Suzuki, Yukie Nagai

Room GC222, Graduate Center, second floor (13:00-18:00)


5) Body Image & Cross-sensory Correspondences: What about Infants and Robots
Alexandre Pitti, Daniela Corbetta, Sofiane Boucenna, Lorenzo Jamone, Bahia Guellai

Room GC101, Graduate Center, first floor (09:00-18:00)


6) SMILES: Sensorimotor Interaction, Language and Embodiment of Symbols (3rd edition)
Xavier Hinaut, Clément Moulin-Frier, Silvia Pagliarini, Michael Spranger, Tadahiro Taniguchi, Anne S. Warlaumont, Junpei Zhong

Room GC201, Graduate Center, second floor (09:00-18:00)





7) Rhythm in Development and Learning – Similarities and Differences Between Humans and Technology
Jim Torresen

Room GC601, Graduate Center, sixth floor (9:00-13:00)


8) Conscious Learning by Developmental Networks: Vision, Audition, Natural Languages, Planning and Thinking
Juyang (John) Weng

Virtual / Online on 19/09/2022, check webpage for details (14:00-18:00)